Services for Women


What to Expect: Every session is customized to my client’s needs. If you are local to me, we can meet in person; otherwise, phone and/or Skype sessions are available. I utilize my counseling background and draw on a variety of modalities (fancy word for ways of helping) when working with my clients. Cognitive Behavior Therapy principles, Solution-Focused, and Motivational Interviewing are my top three. I respect a person’s choice of faith and offer the incorporation of your faith/spirituality into our work together. 

Lighten Your Load

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4/60 minute sessions (completed in 4-6 weeks)

If you feel overwhelmed, overspent or exhausted, this program is for you! It can be depressing and discouraging when you feel like everything falls on you. This program will show you how to lighten your mental and physical load so you can do more of the things that bring you joy. Because there is more to this life. More to love. More joy to be had. Let’s find it together. 

Investment — $345 or $425*

*Where’d My Mojo Go, an additional session specifically focused on addressing your sexual health and needs, can be added to this program. 

Rewarding Relationships

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this unique program length can vary. Minimum of 3 sessions.

Relationships of any kind can be hard. They require a lot of work and don’t always go the way we planned. Few people know how to navigate relationships and make them successful. Whether your marriage is strained or you’re about to lose it with the in-laws, this program is for you. Together we’ll get you to a place where you feel in control of the relationships in your life. 

Investment— $275+ (if further sessions are needed)

Overcoming Sexual Barriers

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this unique program length can vary. Minimum of 4 sessions.

I grew up during the apex of the Evangelical purity movement. The one that told girls they needed to keep their “legs closed” so they didn’t invite unwanted sexual advances from young men. That any form of sexual activity before marriage was not just a sin, but something that would disrespect your future husband and ruin your marital sex life. We were promised God-fearing, wife respecting spouses if we saved ourselves for marriage. Not to mention an incredible, passionate sex life once we became man and wife. I cannot tell you how many women have internalized feelings of fear, shame, and guilt because of being raised with these messages. I want you to know that you are not broken. There is nothing wrong with you. Together, we can work through and overcome any sexual barriers preventing you from experiencing joy in this area. 

-Note: even if you didn’t experience this type of sexual shame, any feelings of sexual inadequacy or brokenness is what this program is focused on working through.

Investment —$345+ (if further sessions are needed)