Services for Parents


What to expect: Each session is customized to your values. If you are local to me, we can meet in person; otherwise, phone and/or Skype sessions are available. I don’t include guilt, shame, or fear in any of the messages to your kids. All information is medically accurate and age appropriate. 

Beyond the Birds & the Bees

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3/60 Minute sessions

“Where do babies come from? How does the baby get out of mommy?” “Why can’t I have boys at my sleepover?” If any of these questions raised your anxiety level significantly, you’re not alone. Not only do most parents dread these questions, they become paralyzed when trying to answer them. Here’s the thing-you can’t keep brushing your kids off. “We’ll talk about it later, honey” is problematic for several reasons. First, unless it really is not a good time (not just because you are uncomfortable), answer their question as simply as possible. If timing isn’t the best, let them know you appreciate the question (even if you don’t) and that you’ll get back to them when we’re not running out the door or in the middle of checking out at the grocery store. But you HAVE to get back to them. Kids don’t forget, as I’m sure you’re well aware. Second, your kid WILL find out the answers to their questions. Technology allows children to quickly find information. “Alexa, where do babies come from?” Yikes. You want to be your child’s first sexual educator. You may be thinking, are you kidding? My sex education was a book my mom left on my bed or the puberty slideshow we had to watch in middle school. I have NO IDEA where to even start! Guess what? That’s where I come in. Through our sessions, I’ll walk along side you and/or your partner and help you identify the information and values so you CAN feel confident when these conversations come up. Because they will.



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30 Minute sessions

Life happens, right? Many clients find that as their children age, they are faced with new challenges which requires some encouragement, guidance, and a safe space to understand this new phase. Subsequent sessions may be scheduled only AFTER the Beyond the Birds & the Bees program has been completed. I cannot emphasize how critical it is to understand why you believe what you believe. This is meant to save you time (and money) when we’re able to build upon a strong foundation.