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What is coaching?

Individuals seek coaching for a variety of reasons. The process of coaching allows an individual to assess current circumstances, identify challenges or obstacles, and select a course of action to bring about change in one’s life. Coaches specialize in a variety of areas and assist clients with business successes, specific personal projects, transitions, and general life satisfaction.

What’s the difference between coaching & counseling?

I’m a huge fan of therapy. I was trained as a therapist and had my own practice. Counseling allows the individual to look back at and heal old wounds. It also addresses psychological disorders and conditions. Coaching allows the individual to focus on the current situation, navigate any obstacles, and find success in an identified area (work, love, etc…). Counseling and coaching are great tools to be used together but I only provide coaching. I am happy to work with your current mental health provider if you think it would benefit you.

what can i expect in the consultation?

Once you schedule a consultation, I will contact you at the number provided. We’ll discuss whatever it is that you are seeking help for. We’ll discuss goals and which program would be best for you. The consultation is really about you getting to know my counseling approach and me, and determine if us working together is a good fit.

My child is only four. what age do you recommend for the parenting program?

One of the questions I get most often is at what age do I stat talking to my kids about sex. It’s important to remember that it’s not a one and done conversation. The dialogue with your child is ongoing and should begin during infancy. Obviously we’re not talking mechanics at this age, but sexuality messages begin as soon as our children enter this world. The earlier you begin examining your beliefs and values, the easier the conversations with your child will be.

can I combine programs?

Absolutely! If you see more than one program that you are interested in, we can discuss combining programs that best suits your needs.

How are you different than other coaches?

Finding a counselor or a coach, is a lot like dating. You have to find the one that you feel a connection with. Many of my clients find my approach to coaching as open, safe, and encouraging. They appreciate the option of meeting in person (if local to me), or meeting via phone or Skype. I take an evidence based approach and make it understandable to anyone. I value integrity and honesty. I think it’s important to be able to laugh and cry and scream and encourage my clients to truly feel their emotions. And I’ve been there. I’ve been overwhelmed, exhausted, lonely, confused, depressed. I’ve had to navigate some pretty difficult challenges in life. I’m here to help you through yours.

can i schedule just one session?

In order to effectively and successfully address your issues, we need a minimum of three sessions. Negative thought patterns and unhealthy habits don’t change after just one session. The sessions in the programs I have created build upon each other so you can build a strong foundation and create a shift in the way you think, feel, and act. The complimentary consultation allows those interested to determine if working together would be beneficial to them.