Pebbles in Her Pocket

Stones, rocks, pebbles. My oldest daughter had her pockets full of them. I’d find buckets of them in our garage, a dozen in various drawers throughout her room. I was constantly encountering some hard piece of the earth when I was picking up around the house. And it drove me crazy. Why did she feel the need, the impulse, to bring these dirty objects into our home? I finally asked her one day, can you not bring them inside? Ok, maybe I told her she wasn’t allowed to bring them inside. And she looked at me with her precious, pale blue eyes and said, “But Mommy, they’re beautiful.” What? Um, no they’re not beautiful. They’re rocks. And yet in her mind, she was on a hunt to collect these beautiful things. Sometimes she would play with them, but mainly she just looked at them. Examined them and stashed them away as a treasure. And she would know when I removed them and threw them back out into our yard. And she would once again, continue her quest to recover those rocks and bring them home. 

What hopes and dreams do you stuff in your pockets? Hide away in drawers trying to keep safe from the world. Do you think that burying your treasure will prevent it from being taken? I believe that each one of us is given a set of gifts. These gifts are unlike anyone else’s. Yes, there can be multiple helpers or encouragers or leaders, but no two people execute these gifts the same way. The world needs you, as corny as that sounds. I absolutely believe that it does. Your community, your family, they need you to pull out those pebbles in your pocket. Maybe you’ve tried before and someone has laughed at your gifts or dreams. Maybe you’ve been told that you don’t matter and you’ll never be enough. Sweet friend, I am here to tell you that is a lie. They do matter and so do you. May you have the same confidence that my sweet daughter had when she was young. May you have the courage to begin your quest today. And if you need some help, I’ve got you covered. Rock on, sweet friend. Rock on. 

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