Dreading Mother's Day

I distinctly remember my first Mother’s Day. It was terrible. I honestly don’t know what I was expecting but whatever my husband did, or didn’t do, disappointed me. He was in his third year of medical school, busy with clinical rotations. I don’t even think it was on his radar. In fact, most holidays and special events tend to go unnoticed or “under celebrated” as I liked to think. And for so many years, I resented him because of it. I would dread Mother’s Day. It was hard to open Facebook Sunday morning and see all these amazing things that my friends’ husbands and kids did for them-breakfast in bed, a massage, a weekend getaway, flowers. I wanted to be happy for them but I was just so full of envy. And sadness. Why can’t my husband be more like that? Don’t I DESERVE these things too? Don’t I matter? Boom. There it was-my insecurity. I put my worth, my value as a mom, in my husband’s hands. That’s A LOT to put on one human. So when he didn’t put much effort into a special Sunday in May, I chose to think that I must not be worth the effort. Of course, I didn’t realize I was doing that. Many of us don’t. We just give our power away to others and hope they’ll fill us up, provide us with our value. Wanna know something incredible-you don’t have to do that anymore! You don’t have to allow others to define your worth. You are the one that gets to decide if you matter. No one else. If that’s something you’ve struggled with, you’re not alone. But you can choose to be happy for you friends, like I am finally able to, when you see them showered with love this Sunday. If you’d like to learn how to switch your mindset, let’s chat. If you’re a mom, enjoy this Mother’s Day the way you want to. Don’t put unrealistic expectations on others and set yourself up for disappointment. Create the day you want, embrace it, and above all else, be thankful for the privilege of being a mother. Happy Mother’s Day. 

Feeling Frustrated