I distinctly remember my first Mother’s Day. It was terrible. I honestly don’t know what I was expecting but whatever my husband did, or didn’t do, disappointed me. After seeing so many happy Facebook posts, I thought, why can’t my husband be more like those other husbands who shower their wives with flowers and massages? Don’t I DESERVE these things too? Wanna know something incredible-you don’t have to do that anymore! You don’t have to allow others to define your worth. You are the one that gets to decide if you matter.

I walked out of a meeting today feeling incredibly frustrated. So much so I called my mom and complained to her. I kept asking myself, what’s underneath that anger and disappointment? What are the thoughts that I’m telling myself that are causing these feelings? Guess what came up. “I’m not enough.” With just one meeting and a few comments, I was left feeling less than. Have you ever felt like that? 

Stones, rocks, pebbles. My oldest daughter had her pockets full of them. Emptying her pockets one day, it got me thinking about the things I put in my pockets, figuratively speaking. How often have I shoved something of value into my pockets because I was afraid? What hopes and dreams do you stuff in your pockets? Hide away in drawers trying to keep safe from the world. Do you think that burying your treasure will prevent it from being taken?

When I first became a mom, it seemed like everyone asked me, “Don’t you just love being a mom?!” Honestly, I didn’t know how to answer that. Of course, I really did love this precious baby girl. I was so scared that something would happen to her. That I wouldn’t be able to meet her needs. That I’d fail her.

Sometimes I would hesitate a little when I told people that I was starting a life coaching business. I didn’t want them to think of the cheesy self-help stuff that can be associated with coaching. So I tried to think of a different title. But the more I thought about it, the more I embraced the coaching title. As a coach, I get to walk along side my clients during their most vulnerable moments. I’m privy to information they may have never shared with anyone else. That is a responsibility I take with great care and respect.